To kick off 2017, Julie Meyer, co-founder of Eat Well Global and GA4HNC, participated in two episodes of Food Navigator-USA’s Soup-to-Nuts-Podcast.

Episode 1: Global cuisine will rise in 2017 along with complex nutrition claims:  In an engaging talk with interviewer/host Elizabeth Crawford, Julie discusses:

  • Global flavors and cultures influencing American diet in 2017
  • Sodium, sugar and “healthy eating” for consumers
  • Hot ingredients and nutrients
  • Incorporating nutrition stories and health claims into food marketing

Episode 2: How to select and best use food influencers to market products: Diving even deeper, on episode 2 Julie provides valuable information on:

  • Challenges to “cut the clutter” in consumer communication
  • Opportunities to engage global influencers
  • Selecting the right messages and the right spokesperson to reach and connect with increasingly savvy audience

Take a look inside what will 2017 be like and how to meet these changing needs by listening to the podcasts.