Las Vegas, November 7, 2018

The international brand strategy and nutrition innovation agency, Healthy Marketing Team (HMT), announce their cooperation with Eat Well Global, Inc (EWG), adding their expertise in credentialed health influencer engagement. EWG’s collaboration will provide a partner for HMT in the North America. With a rapidlychanging consumer market, HMTs proven brand innovation methodology FourFactors® combined with the influencers model of EWG will help the food industry to orientate to new realities.

“With Eat Well Global, we bring an even stronger understanding of the rapidly changing consumer preferences for health and nutrition”,, says Peter Wennström, CEO of Healthy Marketing Team. “The team of registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) around Julie Meyer, has experience to help the nutrition industry navigate the market place through key opinion leaders and influencers. Combined with HMT’s consumer-centric FourFactors® methodology for Brand Innovation we can combine the analysis of trends, consumers and influencers for a category or a brand.”

Healthy Marketing Team brings nearly twenty years of global experience assisting the nutrition industry (food, beverages, ingredients and supplements) in innovation and branding of functional foods and supplements, nowadays easily referred to as nutrition. The proven FourFactors® methodology has been used with clients in more than sixty countries all over the world. Among clients who have used the model are global leaders like Nestle’ and Coca Cola together with disruptive start-ups like the oatmilk brand Oatly. Healthy Marketing Team has several years of experience working with nutrition companies on the North American market.

“We are thrilled to see nutrition take centre stage in global food innovation”, says Julie Meyer, RDN, Founding Partner of Eat Well Global. “While we have a deep-rooted understanding of what is important to credentialed influencers such as other dietitians, sports professionals, child nutrition specialists and diabetes educators and how they like to engage, working with HMT helps us bring this knowledge closer to the consumer through innovation, renovation and activation on the consumer level. In addition, the global perspective is in our DNA so working with HMT’s teams across the world is a natural fit.”

HMT is today headquartered in Sweden and has existing hubs in London and Singapore. Through affiliated partners HMT and its globally leading consumer centric innovation system the FourFactors® is now also represented in India and Brazil. The cooperation with New York-based Eat Well Global will bring the offering of HMT and Four Factors® closer to clients in North America.

When the game is changing, how do you change your game? 

Healthy Marketing Team will be demonstrating the FourFactors® methodology, as well as giving a sneak preview of the new global trend report, Gamechangers 2019, during the Supply Side West show.

“The global nutrition industry is in a state of change. Driving forces such as digitization, increased consumer power, sustainability issues and most importantly, health concerns, are radically changing the rules of play. The need for innovation has never been higher, but how do you work successfully and long-term with innovation in an environment that is changing faster than ever,” asks Peter Wennström, CEO of HMT.

In the past, we consumed foods for wellness and pharmaceuticals to tackle illness. Tomorrow we will see nutritional solutions for both. Additionally, we increasingly see that personal-care businesses are starting to look towards nutritional strategies that are aimed at becoming more natural, trustworthy and familiar in the eyes of the consumer. The game is clearly changing and with this comes both great opportunities and challenges for the “nutrition industry,” consisting of foods, beverages, dietary supplements and ingredients.

“With Healthy Marketing Team’s long experience in the global markets for food and health, we have monitored trends since health was a tiny niche. But that’s not the case anymore, concludes Peter Wennström. Today nutrition for health and wellness has totally taken over as the main driver. It is truly a paradigm shift. To monitor this and understand the related trends, Healthy Marketing Team has identified six forces that are changing the game for the future nutrition industry, which we call “Global Gamechangers. Likewise, is our trend report which will be released in time for the Health Ingredients Europe, late November”

For further information:

Peter Wennström, Founder and CEO Healthy Marketing Team, +46 767 749074, Julie Meyer, RDN, Founding Partner, Eat Well Global, Inc, +19174493206,

About Eat Well Global, Inc.

Eat Well Global is a specialized nutrition communications agency with a mission to empower global change agents in food and nutrition, through 360-degree insights, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. Led and run by registered dietitian nutritionists, Eat Well Global understands the science behind the trends and how key opinion leaders are engaging with their core audiences and influencing consumer behaviour. With clients ranging from global multinational food manufacturers to the leading commodity boards representing farmers to global health organizations, Eat Well Global represents change agents working all across the food chain. Eat Well Global has offices in New York, Washington DC and Amsterdam, and partners with other nutrition experts around the globe through the Global Alliance for Health & Nutrition Communications (GA4HNC).

About Healthy Marketing Team

The Healthy Marketing Team, HMT, is a private consulting company, founded 2008 in London and since 2018 with its head quarter in Malmö, Sweden. The company now has a permanent representation in Malmö (Greater Copenhagen), London and Singapore – and a growing network of global FourFactors® partners. HMT has been working with nutrition clients in more than 60 countries. The main product, Four Factors® Brand Acceleration System, has been developed since nearly twenty years and is today established as the leading method for consumer and brand centric innovation for food, beverages, supplements and food ingredients. The method and approach are unique and has, so far, been trademarked in more than 35 countries.