Eat Well Global is a highly specialized strategic communication consultancy on a mission to empower global change agents in food and nutrition.

Team Members

Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Julie Meyer,

Julie was born to two entrepreneurs – who met at Weight Watchers. What else is there to say?  Destined to start a nutrition-focused business, Julie’s global perspective was shaped by her Indian-born British grandmother as well as two stints living abroad – in France and in China. She started Eat Well Global to fill white space in the agency market – to bring together nutrition, communications and a global point of view to empower clients to make change in the world.

Julie gets up every day thinking about how to make clients’ lives easier, the food supply healthier and revolutionize the way we work. After coffee, of course. Prior to starting Eat Well Global, Julie ran Eat Well Shanghai and worked as a nutrition communications consultant.

Can there ever be too much pizza? Born in Chicago and living in Brooklyn, I am completely agnostic when it comes to pizza

What is your go-to late-night snack? I go to bed really early, so for me, it’s actually dinner.


Location:Brooklyn, NY

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Erin Boyd Kappelhof,

Erin first became interested in nutrition as a high school cross-country runner when she started reading copies of the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter that her nutrition-minded mom left on the kitchen counter. Years later, it all came full circle for Erin after earning master’s degrees in nutrition communication and public health from Tufts University. Soon after that, Erin realized the power of working through the food industry as a vehicle for change and built a career driving nutrition from within multinational manufacturers, retailers and communication agencies. Today, Erin leads Eat Well Global’s efforts to make positive impact on global health. She is proud to be working with an incredible group of colleagues to build an authentic culture, a new way of working and a company with quality, integrity, thoughtfulness and leadership at its core. There’s no place she’d rather be!

Describe your ideal sandwich: My ideal sandwich has multiple layers and textures. There’s no single type because variety is my favorite flavor. But it’s crunchy and creamy, savory and tangy, and isn’t complete without vegetables and cheese.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Yes, peach blueberry or appeltart met slagroom


Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vice President

Monica Amburn,

Monica was a foodie before she was aware of the term. Her family likes to remind her that as a toddler she would sing a jingle she made up about peanut butter when she wanted a snack! Growing up, her love for food carried over to nutrition as she studied how to better fuel her body for competitive dancing and fitness. Then as a college student, Monica shadowed a supermarket dietitian and was impressed by the significant scale of positive influence this one dietitian had on thousands of shoppers. From that point, a career-long passion for nutrition communications was born.

After gaining valuable clinical experience early in her career, Monica made the transition to the supermarket industry, serving as a corporate dietitian for both BI-LO and Winn-Dixie brands, where she managed all nutrition communications. Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Monica served as Senior Director of Health and Wellness for Vestcom’s healthyAisles®, a nutrient attribute database and communications solution servicing the supermarket, drug, and dollar retail industries.

Describe your ideal sandwich: Nothing beats a hot caprese panini, with fresh mozzarella, arugula, basil, fresh pesto, and prosciutto. Because everything is better with prosciutto.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? I’m 100% on board with birthday pie. I’ve never met a pie I don’t like, but Lemon Meringue Pie really takes the cake.


Location:Spartanburg, South Carolina

Vice President

Amaris Noguera Bradley,

Growing up as a first-generation kid, food was a central part of Amaris’ culture and family life. As a high schooler, her love of food and science drew her to enroll in a nutrition course which ultimately led her to pursue a career in dietetics.

Amaris currently works in nutrition communications at Eat Well Global, helping companies and organizations thoughtfully engage with health and wellness professionals. Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Amaris was Senior Director of Partnerships at Partnership for a Healthier America, Senior Account Executive at Porter Novelli and a corporate wellness dietitian at Orlando Health. She serves on the Executive Committtee of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group.

What was your favorite food vacation? A few years ago my husband and I traveled to Turkey and my taste buds have never been the same. I fell in love with the feast of small plates overflowing with tasty spreads and dips, beans made every which way, soft and warm unleavened breads, stuffed grape leaves and fire-roasted eggplants …and let’s not forget the epic meal that is Turkish breakfast! The craveable cuisine was matched only by the country’s rich culture and history, and the most hospitable people I’ve ever met in my world travels.

What is your go-to late-night snack? Vanilla frozen yogurt with a fudge swirl and peanut butter cups – balanced because it contains all three macronutrients! 😉


Location:Washington, DC

Account Manager

Tina Carlucci,

Tina was originally set to work in medicine, but after realizing blood made her queasy and functioning on little sleep was not her jam, she decided to veer off the pre-med track and started exploring other options in the field of healthcare. Tina took her first nutrition class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was immediately hooked. She enjoyed learning about the science of nutrition and was fascinated with food’s role in health. Tina moved to New York for her dietetic internship, where her love of food, cooking, and fine dining grew.

Today, Tina lives just outside of Phoenix, AZ with her husband and two adorable children. She works in nutrition communications with a focus on social media and influencer partnerships. Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Tina worked as the Editorial Director for Joy Bauer Ventures and before that was a Corporate Wellness Dietitian for Emblem Health.

Describe your ideal sandwich: A “grown up” grilled cheese made with really good sourdough bread spread with Trader Joe’s Zhoug sauce, plus sharp cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, and a fried egg.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Absolutely! Pie > Cake. I like a good Apple Pie or Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie for something a little less traditional. Oh! Or Key Lime Pie! I like all pie, really.


Location:Phoenix, AZ

Vice President

Sue Cloran,

Growing up in a household where everything was made from scratch, food was adventurous, and there were always fruits and veggies growing in the garden, it’s fair to say Sue has always been fascinated by food and the food chain! When she journeyed to Japan on Rotary Exchange as a curious 17-year-old, she was exposed to a whole new culinary world (though she did come back saying ‘if you don’t know what you’re eating in Japan, it’s inevitably made from rice, fish or beans!’).

She was also always scientifically minded and knew she wanted to get into health, but preferred the ‘clean’ part of medicine. This drew her to dietetics. She started her career in rural South Africa, treating patients in a government hospital, but soon realised that she could have more impact in the corporate world reaching populations, rather than through one-on-one patient counselling. She felt that the knowledge she’d learned was no good if she couldn’t pass it on in a meaningful way.
Her passion lies in staying up to date with Nutrition science and being able to translate it to marketeers, consumers, health care professionals and policy makers, but doing so within regulatory frameworks. She also enjoys learning about new processing technologies and is naturally business minded; helping food companies create value from Nutrition is what makes her tick!

What food would you take to a dessert (not a typo) island? TiramiSUE

Describe your ideal sandwich I’m going to cheat and say it’s the Japanese take on a sandwich that’s my favourite. An onigiri, or rice ball, especially with the basic salmon filling, is a flavour that takes me back to my childhood. It’s portable, delicious, and healthy!


Location:Dublin, Ireland

Executive Vice President

Vanessa Costa,

One could say a career in food and nutrition was preordained for Vanessa, who has long considered grocery shopping a favorite hobby. Yet she followed the opposite of a linear path to her current role as Executive Vice President at Eat Well Global. Vanessa holds an undergraduate degree in business management and early career experience in health care investment banking, business development and strategy, plus a master’s in nutrition from Columbia University. She is also a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Immediately prior to joining EWG in her current position, Vanessa worked in nutrition counseling and served as an in-house dietitian and communications manager at KIND Snacks. Today, Vanessa works in partnership with EWG’s co-CEOs to lead the business, manage the team and expand the company’s impact. Equipped with strong business acumen and a penchant for problem-solving, Vanessa has oversight of operations and finance at EWG in addition to advising on client accounts.

Can there ever be too much pizza? Never; pizza just can’t be topped (see what I did there?)

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? 100% (but I’d still pick cake if given the choice). Let’s keep it celebratory and go big with Momofuku’s Milk Bar Pie.


Location:Darien, Connecticut

Vice President

Ali Dorazio,

Growing up in a large family where fruits, veggies and milk were a must at every lunch and dinner, Ali first learned about eating healthy from her mom. Her interest in nutrition began in high school as she was focused on eating well for athletic performance and fixated with having not one, not two, but THREE considerably thinner sisters.

Today Ali leads a team that supports nutrition communications and influencer engagement for the Egg Nutrition Center. Prior to joining Eat Well Global, she worked as a Nutrition Scientist for General Mills. Ali also has experience as a retail dietitian and WIC nutritionist.

Describe your ideal sandwich: Crispy chicken sandwich with deviled egg spread, shaved cabbage, pickles + mayo

What food would you take to dessert (not a typo) island? Scones + donuts (I feel like other people may forget breakfast desserts)


Location:Annapolis, Maryland

Account Coordinator

Samantha Gillies,

Samantha grew up in a family of foodies with diverse tastes. With family roots spanning from Sicily to New Orleans, LA and even South Texas, Samantha was exposed to an impeccable variety of cuisines growing up. There is not a food she wouldn’t try at least once, and she will never pass up a good hole-in-the-wall culinary experience, a favorite pastime she shared growing up with her late father. Samantha was often called the “nut” of the family as she preferred healthy snacks and fresh alternatives to the comfort foods around the house. This interest in healthy eating grew to become the focus of her undergraduate studies in nutrition. This would prove overwhelmingly helpful after an early adult diagnosis of celiac disease. Samantha continued with this momentum to complete two Master’s degrees in health communication and food policy, with specializations in food system sustainability and food business from Tufts University.

Samantha’s career has been centered around field marketing and communications, working for CPG companies in the healthy snack and beverage space. In addition, she has worked on several food policy projects ranging from food-assistance-program access to improved health insurance coverage for registered dietitians.

In her free time, Samantha enjoys recipe testing gluten-free desserts, hiking with her chocolate lab named Clyde, and exploring new cities to find the best street art.


Location:Austin, Texas

Account Coordinator

Luis Gonzalez,

Luis grew up in a boisterous Cuban family where food was always at the center of social life and culture. He was, however, your typical picky eater. Luis would even remove the small pieces of onions and bell peppers from his black beans! When his passion for science and health took him down the path of nutrition work, he realized that some changes needed to be made. Eventually, Luis learned to appreciate all that nature has to offer and enjoys all veggies (Brussels sprouts are his favorite!).

After a deep dive in the clinical world, Luis began exploring other ways to use his skills to spread science-based nutrition information. That landed him in the crazy and always-exciting world of nutrition communications, and today at Eat Well Global. Luis has also developed a passion for food photography, creating mouth-watering images of all types of food, even veggies.

Describe your ideal sandwich: The perfect blend of melted cheeses, enclosed in buttery, crusty bread.

What was your favorite food vacation? Whenever I return home to Miami to eat my mom’s cooking!


Location:Chicago, IL

Senior Vice President

Kathryn Harrington

A DC-transplant from western New York, Kathryn’s career started on Capitol Hill as deputy press secretary for retired US Senator John W. Warner from Virginia. Since then she’s married public affairs savvy with strategic communications expertise to create compelling and effective communications initiatives for multinational food companies, agribusinesses and trade associations.

Her work in food started at Edelman, where she was a counselor to leading food corporations seeking to bolster brands, mitigate vulnerabilities and increase market share. Kathryn has held leadership roles within global public relations firms, the nonprofit and association sectors, and the White House. More recently, she oversaw the DC office of Padilla|FoodMinds.

At Eat Well Global, Kathryn is a future-focused, agile leader charged with uncovering innovative and big picture strategies to deliver meaningful results for clients and EWG.

Describe your ideal sandwich: Nothing beats a pb&j on soft sandwich bread when you’re famished and in a hurry.

What food would you take to a dessert (not a typo) island? I’d aim for a well-crafted cheese plate, including honey, roasted nuts and fruit – plus a side of coconut cake because it’s my favorite and belongs on a tropical island.

Location:Washington, DC

Account Coordinator

Bianca Mercouffer,

Bianca has a longstanding relationship with food that goes all the way back to her childhood. She remembers growing up in a nutrition-focused household, which she sometimes thought was a bit too ‘healthy’ for her taste. However, she always had a genuine passion for food (especially spicy), which is why moving abroad to study nutrition at a university and learning more about eating seemed like a natural choice.

Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Bianca lived in the UK and worked for Nomad Foods Europe and Dr. Oetker across various departments. She is as excited as ever when it comes to food because she is convinced it’s the greatest part of life. She now wants to combine her nutrition background with commercial insights and continue to share her enthusiasm for food by working at the forefront between science and the consumer.

What was your favorite food vacation? Hands down the best food I EVER had was in Porto, Portugal. The most memorable meal there was at a restaurant called Bacalhau (means ‘cod’ in Portuguese). We started with a bread, butter and roasted garlic appetizer and for the mains we went for two traditional dishes: a bread, prawn and egg stew (weird combo, but it works, trust me) and cod “cataplana” with sweet potato and bell pepper. Perfect from start to finish.

What is your go-to late-night snack? It depends on my mood and what I have in the fridge honestly. Sometimes it’s savory like toast & salted butter or crispy crackers. But if there is something sweet in there, I will definitely have a piece (or two) before going to bed.


Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Account Coordinator

Jenna Mills,

As a dedicated cooking show viewer, avid home baker, and Anthony Bourdain superfan, Jenna dreamed of a career in food as early as high school. While culinary school and imminent Top Chef stardom seemed like the obvious choice, she eventually found an alternate route to becoming a professional foodie when she discovered the field of nutrition, the perfect convergence of her passions. In addition to being a culinary enthusiast, Jenna was a competitive figure skater, which gave her an appreciation of food from two different angles—as a source of joy and indulgence and a source of fuel for athletic performance.

Since graduating, Jenna has embarked on a career in nutrition communications within the food industry. She enjoys using the left and right sides of her brain to creatively communicate science-based information to the consumer. Before joining the Eat Well Global team, Jenna was the Nutrition Scientist at RXBAR. While she has hung up her skates and bedazzled spandex, she continues to channel her competitive nature into marathoning and creating the best cookie recipe the world has ever tasted.

Describe your ideal sandwich: Turkey, cheese, avocado, grilled sourdough bread—basically #73 from Zingerman’s.

What was your favorite food vacation? Cinque Terre—it was the epitome of energy balance—eat, hike, wine, repeat.


Location:Chicago, IL

Creative Director

Steven Newman

Steven’s 15 years of experience designing and developing websites, mobile apps and interactive kiosks made him the strong problem-solver he is today—whether he is leading a team of designers, copywriters and technologists or creating wireframes and responsive HTML/CSS prototypes.

While serving as Creative Director for the boutique agency Fusebox, Steven had the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the digital technology space. Working in the technology industry from the bubble through the bust and beyond, he learned to be nimble, yet deliver quality work—winning a Silver Pencil from the One Show and a Webby award, among other industry praise.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Pratt Institute, where he is passionate about teaching digital design and coding to the next generation of designers.

Describe your ideal sandwich: I have recently been trying to eat more on the vegetarian side, so it would have to be smoked mozzarella, roasted artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, oil and vinegar on some fresh Italian bread.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Yes! For me, it would have to be Steve’s Key Lime Pie.

Location:Brooklyn, New York

Account Manager

Allison Pigatto,

Allison first became interested in nutrition at the age of 18, when her gallbladder started producing small, painful stones after eating fatty foods. While disappointed that she could no longer indulge in some of her favorite treats, Allison was also intrigued by the impact food has on the body.

Today, Allison’s gallbladder is gone (surgically) but her interest in food and nutrition remains. She now works in communications with a global focus – helping clients develop high-quality content and activate nutrition initiatives. Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Allison worked as the Nutrition Engagement and Outreach Manager at the Egg Nutrition Center.

Can there ever be too much pizza? Yes. But only if pepperoni or pineapple are involved.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Absolutely. 100%. I’d go with Dutch apple, cherry or pecan pie, depending on the time of year. I also support wedding pie.


Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Billing Coordinator

Alex Pradier

Alex provides bookkeeping and administration services to Eat Well Global. She has worked for a broad variety of clients that are active globally in many different sectors, including hospitality, fitness, health, skincare and non-profit organizations.

What was your favorite food vacation? London – such a wide variety of cuisine from all over the world to explore and greats choices for vegetarians!

What food would you take to dessert (not a typo) island? Stem Ginger and Acacia Honey ice-cream

Location:Bordeaux, France

Account Coordinator

Ashley Quadros,

Ashley’s life has always revolved around food. She was lucky to be born into a large Azorean family where she grew up with a tradition of spirited, large, and convivial gatherings characterized by an abundance of food. Her parents (and several aunts and uncles) were Dunkin’ franchisees and one of her favorite stories to tell is how she comes from a Dunkin’ dynasty and sold her first donut at the age of 6. She also ate plenty of donuts which eventually led her to the field of nutrition. Ashley realized early on just how powerful food can be and that set her on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Prior to joining Eat Well Global, Ashley worked as a Retail Dietitian for Harmons Grocery in Utah. She loves to work with food and agriculture companies because of the incredible opportunity it offers to leverage nutrition science and improve health on a global scale. When she’s not working or cooking, you’ll find her enjoying the beautiful mountains of Utah on her mountain bike and cross-country skis.

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Absolutely! Pie > cake. Hands down, my favorite flavor is strawberry rhubarb.


Location:Park City, Utah

Insights and Impact Manager

György Rácz

György’s grew up in Hungary, where his parents and grandparents mainly had their own garden of fresh veggies, fruits and even farm animals! He loved that he got to know, at an early age, how delicious meals get from their source, to his plate. Later, when studying for his BA Psychology degree, he was fascinated to learn, in detail, the impact of nutrition on mental health and wellbeing. With food experiences like that, it was inevitable for him to become a hobby-chef, including hosting foodie events for his friends and family. It seemed to be a very handy skill because moving to the Netherlands from his home country, home-cooked food helped him to make new friends more easily. Holland has been treating him well since then, and he does not plan to leave soon despite his love/hate relationship with the weather and well, the food culture. This is the country where has continued on to get an MSc in Economic and Consumer Psychology and started his career as an all-round researcher. After working in many different industries in research and marketing, he has joined Eat Well Global as an Impact & Insights Manager to research and provide insights about the subject we share a passion for–food & nutrition.

Describe your ideal sandwich: I eat sandwiches infrequently, so when it happens, it needs to be indulgent. A grilled baguette for the crunch, raspberry onion jam for sweetness and love, chicken breast and Edam cheese to fill me well–“The French Lady” from Bors (Budapest)

Do you support birthday pie? If so, what type? Years ago I tasted a mulberry and poppy seed pie and I have been dreaming about it since!

Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vice President

Chris Rich

Chris received his minor degree in Food Microbiology from The Ohio State University but like many college graduates, his professional career did not immediately follow his area of study. After several years in the health & wellness industry, Chris’s career path changed when his son was diagnosed with celiac disease. He immersed himself into helping the gluten-free community and worked for two different non-profit organizations, assisting with their branding, marketing strategies and business development. Chris has built multiple relationships with manufacturers, distributors and retailers and he is excited to continue his creative work in the food and nutrition space at Eat Well Global. He lives with his wife and daughter in Dublin, OH (right outside of Columbus) and his son is currently studying Food Science and Technology at Chris’s alma mater.

Is there just one grilling season? I believe that every day is an opportunity to grill, no matter what month it is. I have grilled in extreme heat, thunderstorms and yes, blizzards (you just have to shovel a path through the snow). While I like the traditional grilled items, I also experiment with all types of vegetables, fruits and homemade pizzas.

Do you support birthday pie? The best gift that I ever bought my wife was a 540 page cookbook called “Pie”. I think that answers the question.


Location:Dublin, OH

Account Manager

Georgia Rounder,

Growing up in a household with two active, nutrition-obsessed parents in southern Indiana, Georgia knew she was destined for a career in dietetics for as long as she can remember. One fateful summer internship in Washington, DC introduced her to new, wide world of nutrition communications, an area she fell head-over-heels in love with as she ran around the nation’s capital attending congressional hearings, meeting a who’s who of the nutrition policy leaders, and taking one-too-many pictures of the National Mall at sunset.

Now out of her summer internship days and working on “adulting” as a young professional in Brooklyn, Georgia is passionate about supporting clients in telling their nutrition stories and helping them make a global impact through her work as an Account Coordinator. Before joining Eat Well Global’s all-star team, Georgia dipped her toes in both clinical dietetics and the start-up world, working as an oncology dietitian in Portland, Oregon and then as a community manager for a personalized nutrition platform in NYC.

Can there ever be too much pizza? If said pizza is coming from Joe’s on 5th and Bedford in my beloved neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (and preferably eaten half asleep at 12 am) then the answer is a hard NO.

What food would you take to dessert (not a typo) island? A complete assortment of nut butter (I’m envisioning a treasure chest of nut butters) would be in order for a dessert island to top ALL of the desserts with of course! – almond, hazelnut, coconut, cashew, ooh pistachio! I could go on and on if you let me, I don’t discriminate.


Location:Portland, OR

Account Coordinator

Emily Stephens,

Emily’s interest in food stemmed from watching and learning to cook from her Dad and Grandad. Every Sunday, the whole family would get together for a home cooked Sunday roast and it was Emily’s responsibility to make the dessert, such as apple crumble, profiteroles or steamed chocolate puddings with a gooey centre! All family celebrations centred around food and eating together, so really it was inevitable that Emily’s career would also centre around food too!

Since graduating from a Nutrition BSc degree in 2015, Emily has worked as a Nutritionist for a variety of sectors including, the charity sector, retail and contract catering. Her specialist interest in nutrition is sustainable diets and she is incredibly passionate about working collaboratively to make meaningful change that is beneficial for people, the planet and future generations to come.

What food would you take to a dessert (not a typo) island? Freshly baked profiteroles filled with warm melted chocolate and fresh cream.

Describe your ideal sandwich: Soft farmhouse white bread, chunky breaded fish fingers, lettuce and tartare sauce.


Location:Newbury, UK

Account Manager

Christina Xenaki,

Christina’s journey in nutrition started in Athens where her established love for delicious Greek food expanded to a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. Having followed a few traditional dietetic placements that did not fulfil her and interested in the role of nutrition in vulnerable life stages, she pursued a commercial career in medical nutrition in Amsterdam.

Equipped with a passion for real-world science applicability, and a flair for strategic stakeholder engagement, Christina invested in a master’s degree in science communication, before joining Eat Well Global to help drive effective nutrition strategies across Europe.

She loves exploring delicious cuisines from around the globe and, more than anything, is ecstatic that her work allows her to leverage the power of something as fundamental and familiar to all as food to have a positive impact in the world.

What food would you take to a dessert (not a typo) island? My partner’s triple chocolate brownies; they’re soft, fudgy, delicious and can make any day seem brighter. His biggest tip is to let them cool overnight, so the truest test of my character is to avoid the kitchen altogether on the day he bakes them–which is impossible when the house smells like heaven!

Describe your ideal sandwich. Toasted whole wheat bread with seeds, melted cheddar cheese, smoked paprika seasoning, smashed avocado, with a few drops of lime juice,
and a fried egg–perfection!


Location:Edinburgh, Scotland

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