It is no news: achieving a healthy lifestyle is top of mind for millions of people around the globe and social media plays a big role in driving purchasing decisions through peer recommendations and the cult of online personalities. But while this influencer evolution made it possible to reach millions of people through one person, data show that trust is the gatekeeper and in Asia – as in the rest of the world — reaching digital audiences through influencers they trust has its challenges and opportunities.

Last week, Eat Well Global’s Erin Boyd Kappelhof shared her insights on this topic at Food Vision Asia in Singapore. Highlighting the importance of thinking globally but acting locally, she addressed best practices for communication strategies and influencer marketing across different platforms in Asia. Given that each country has its own influencers and platform of choice for each generation and market, she presented several case studies of what works (and doesn’t) when reaching different target groups.

Erin also participated in a discussion panel on the war on diabetes and obesity where the role of multi-platform strategies — from awareness campaigns to front-of-pack logos — were discussed as pieces to this complex and urgent public health puzzle. For more on the panel discussion, see this article in Food Navigator Asia.


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