Eat Well Insights

Our key capabilities include 360-degree global insights because we know that finding answers to the big questions is often a key first step to developing impactful health, nutrition or wellbeing strategies. Insights can mean a lot of things – from tracking emerging trends and influencer groups, to garnering health care professional perceptions, to identifying the nexus of complex problems. That’s why our customized insights projects are individually designed to address our clients’ unique needs.

In addition to our custom insights work, several other insights products are available below. Please take a look and get in touch if you’d like to discuss any other insights needs.

Navigating the GLP-1 Consumer: Insights from the Frontlines


Our proprietary insights package highlights the perspective of experts working directly with patients on weight loss medications on their day-to-day food choices: US Registered Dietitian…

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Healthcare Professional Engagement Guide

Register to receive our shortlist of engagement recommendations based on insights from HCPs across the US and UK.

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The Consumer Voice

This 55-page report includes insights from 8,000 consumers across 13 countries, shedding light on what matters most related to food, nutrition, trust and influence.

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The Sustainable Digest: Your Monthly Refresh

Does it seem like every day there is something new in sustainable nutrition? Sign up for this free monthly newsletter, which offers a recap on the need-to-know updates around healthy and sustainable food systems.

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