Harvesting Insights from the Next Generation of Food Security Innovators: Thought For Food Global Summit 2017

Have you ever heard of choco-panda ice cream? Me neither. How about a superhero on a mission to teach kids about nutrition and food security? If these sound like the building…

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Flexible & Entrepreneur Dietitians – Global Dietitians interviews Eat Well Global

Global Dietitians interviews Eat Well Global's founding partner Julie Meyer

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Eat Well Global on Influencer Trust at Food Vision Asia

It is no news: achieving a healthy lifestyle is top of mind for millions of people around the globe and social media plays a big role in driving purchasing decisions through peer…

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Eat Well Global Talks Authenticity in Food Navigator Interview

With an apparent rise in distrust of science and facts coupled with an increase in social media marketing, there has been a shift in consumer beliefs. Today, consumers and…

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Eat Well Global at Food Vision in London!

Trend makers, marketing and communication specialists and industry leaders gathered at the Food Vision event in London, from 1-3 March. Among the speakers sharing insights was Eat…

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Eat Well Global addresses health influencers & brand power in Food Navigator article

In times where consumer demand for transparency and authenticity intersect with fast pace influencer marketing, reaching consumers through trusted sources is key to successful…

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Eat Well Global talks 2017 global food trends on Food Navigator-USA’s Podcast

To kick off 2017, Julie Meyer, co-founder of Eat Well Global and GA4HNC, participated in two episodes of Food Navigator-USA's Soup-to-Nuts-Podcast.

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The American Public’s Opinion on Food Science

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center asked Americans about their opinions regarding the science behind food and health recommendations and their findings are quite…

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What Americans Think About Healthy Eating

With impending changes in the political climate, many people have been asking what this means for the future of food policy.

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The Future Is Now: New Harvest 2016

Several hundred (309 to be specific) researchers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, futurists and interested parties gathered under sunny skies in San Francisco on July 13th for the…

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