Each year, the fall months mark a particularly busy time for the entire Eat Well Global (EWG) team as we plan for and participate in a full slate of conferences spanning the globe – with this year’s fall conference season taking us from Philadelphia to Dublin to Berlin. Throughout the three conferences we had the opportunity to attend in support of our change-agent clients as well as EWG’s own thought leadership initiatives. During the 13th European Nutrition Conference (FENS), the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) and the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) conference, a common theme rose to the top: communication is a fundamental skill needed in the nutrition expert’s toolbox – a skill that should be leveraged to advocate for the advancement of the nutrition profession and to spread credible, evidence-based information on a global scale.


FENS: October 15 – 18 in Dublin, Ireland

  • With an alarming amount of health misinformation coming through our social media and news outlets every day, it is more important than ever to distinguish fact from fiction and elevate nutrition research for consumers. In the session Credibility vs. Clickbait: Communicating Nutrition Research to the Public, chaired by Managing Partner Erin Kappelhof, speakers Jovanka Vis of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre and Dr. Taylor C. Wallace of The Think Healthy Group, Inc. explored techniques and opportunities for nutrition experts and researchers to extend their reach.
  • The European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) is a network of +750 nutrition professionals across Europe that hosts annual seminars aimed at developing non-scientific soft-skills such as leadership and communication. ENLP hosted an alumni networking reception at the FENS Conference, which Erin Boyd Kappelhof and Allison Pigatto, an Account Manager at Eat Well Global, attended.



FNCE: October 26 – 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • In the States, EWG hosted its second annual FNCE happy hour, bringing together both past and current clients as well as friends and family, with this event serving as a fun kickoff to the conference before the full itinerary of education sessions and exhibition hall hours got underway.
  • Notable education sessions highlighting registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) in communication-oriented roles included Forging New Career Paths: The RDNs’ Role in Associations in which RDNs working for food associations such as the Juice Products Association, Grain Foods Foundation and Egg Nutrition Center discussed the importance of communicating current research and educating fellow nutrition professionals in order to help prevent the spread of false health information. In addition to this informative and inspiring session, Career Essential: Create and Build Your Personal Brand and RDN to C-Suite: Nutrition Professionals in Executive Leadership covered the power of communications in both advancing one’s personal brand and enhancing leadership skills to break new ground in the field of dietetics.



EFAD: November 1 – 2 in Berlin, Germany

  • To wrap up an ever-eventful and exciting conference season, EWG participated in Media communication – the influential power of the dietitian, a session covering how nutrition professionals can hone in on their specific roles in the health professional universe, how to further identify their target audiences and how to communicate with this audience in a clear, compelling and impactful manner. Session panelists included EWG’s Erin Kappelhof; dietitian and online coach Zanna Hofstede whose company FEARLESS focuses on allergen legislation in the hospitality industry; Brigitte Binneweg, a marketing and consumer insights expert who is developing an online platform to help people develop a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle; and moderator Suzan Tuinier, a nutritionist and communication consultant who is the founder of Nutrimedia, a communication agency specializing in nutrition and health. Erin covered “Dietitians as Influencers: Harnassing the Power We Don’t Know We Have,” emphasizing the importance of dietitians recognizing their significant role in the health communication landscape and providing actionable tips through an interactive break-out session.
  • On the EFAD expo floor, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming International Congress of Dietetics (ICD) taking place in Cape Town, South Africa in September 2020. ICD takes place every four years, with 2020 marking the first year that the Congress will be held on the African continent.


Cheers to another successful conference season, and see you in Cape Town!


Giraffes and lions and dietitians, oh my! Getting in the safari spirit ahead of next year’s ICD in South Africa!