Averaging more than 25 global nutrition and food-related events per year, we hear a lot about the state of health in our current environment. Of all the events we attend, few are as inspiring as the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit. Given our fractionalized climate (low-carb vs low-fat, paleo vs vegan, anti-industry vs pro-industry, to GMO or not to GMO) its hard to see the forest through the trees and know that we are all working to meet the same goal- a healthier world- no matter how we get there.

But collaboration is the name of the game – something PHA does in spades. Bringing together such interesting and diverse stakeholders to make the commitment to move in a healthy direction, from life insurance companies like John Handcock (because who cares more about you living a long life than them) to tech platforms like MindBody to McLane, the convenience store distributor (because convenience stores can only sell healthy products if their distributor carries them), it’s clear that the only way we can make change is if we all work together.

PHA works with organizations working on a macro-scale. The McDonalds announcement this year, in collaboration with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, made a big impact on how children around the world choose what’s in their Happy Meal. By making water the default beverage, offering tasty fruit options and communicating nutrition information, the millions of consumers entering under the golden arches each day have a better shot at a healthy meal. These may seem like small changes but they can make a massive difference given the global scope.

Although our favorite lady Michelle Obama only joined the Summit via video to announce the Summit’s move to Chicago for 2019, it was a reminder of the power of collaboration, promotion and the importance of making the healthy choice, the easy choice.