Our Service Areas

Clients come to Eat Well Global when they want to make an impact but need guidance getting there. We help them better navigate the complex nexus of food, sustainable nutrition and health to assess their unique business opportunities. We work together to develop tailored strategies and set realistic yet ambitious goals and commitments. Finally, we enable and execute compelling engagements with influential and credible voices to ultimately shift consumer behavior towards more sustainable and healthy choices. Learn more about our three main service areas:


Knowledge is power and in a world that’s changing more rapidly than ever, nuanced insights are essential to good decision making. Our expert insights team provides bespoke insights and industry-wide reports to fill critical knowledge gaps and inform strategic decisions.

  • Consumer surveys and focus groups
  • Health influencer surveys and focus groups
  • Competitor landscaping
  • ATNI/WBA/DJSI strategic support
  • White papers and primers
  • Research monitoring
  • And more


Strong strategies future proof businesses. Our team’s expert counsel and understanding of the interconnected commercial realities and global food and health systems help our clients chart their unique course towards a better future.

  • Global health, wellbeing and sustainable nutrition strategies
  • Nutrient profiling system assessment and application
  • Nutrition targets and roadmaps for action
  • Commitments, goals and KPIs
  • Policy development
  • And more

Business growth requires exciting and engaging consumers while protecting and enhancing brand reputation. From nutrition or sustainability influencers to key opinion leaders, our stakeholder engagement work brings our client’s strategies to life through thoughtful, evidence-based partnerships and platforms.

  • Ambassador programs
  • Continuing professional education
  • Dinner dialogues
  • Conference events
  • Key opinion leader briefings
  • Expert roadshows
  • Scientific symposia
  • And more

Primary Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Nutrition
  • Health Influencer Communications
  • Global Food Systems
  • Global Regulatory
  • Global Health

Impact Measurement

Feedback and monitoring increase efficacy and maximize ROI. From sentiment to reputation, value, accountability, health impact, or purchase intent, our measurement activities assess value to both business and health impact.