Healthcare Professional Engagement Guide

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The Four Things We’re Telling Our Clients Right Now

The recent White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health has enlivened conversations around how companies like yours have a part to play in improving health and nutrition across communities. Now is the moment to commit to health and nutrition part of your company strategy… but how?

In our experience, an impactful and credible way to amplify your health and nutrition commitments is through health professional engagement. Health professionals (HCPs), representing a multitude of specialties, disciplines,and work settings, are in a distinct position to translate the science around complicated topics for their consumer patient populations. And based on recent global research, consumers are looking to credible and trustworthy health professionals for this information.

However, reaching this key audience is nuanced, and often requires unique tactics that differ from consumer campaigns. So we’ve put together a shortlist of HCP engagement recommendations based on insights from our survey with HCPs across the US and UK, plus our years of experience in the business.

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Navigating the GLP-1 Consumer: Insights from the Frontlines

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Register to receive access to proprietary insights covering the impact of weight loss medications (GLP-1 agonists) on consumers and implications for your business.

Available March 1st, our proprietary insights package will highlight the perspective of experts working directly with patients on weight loss medications on their day-to-day food choices: US Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
Critical insights from this audience include:

  • The dietary patterns of patients taking GLP-1 medications, including food categories and portion size
  • The potential long-term impact of side effects
  • The reasons behind healthcare professionals recommending or not recommending GLP-1 medications

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The Consumer Voice

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This 55-page report includes insights from 8,000 consumers across 13 countries, shedding light on what matters most related to food, nutrition, trust and influence.
The report includes the following:

  • The top nutrition-related health topics consumers are interested in and the people and resources they turn to for information on those topics
  • The types of healthcare professionals that consumers view as most credible, accessible, and impactful
  • The attributes that impact food choices, including nutrient and ingredient priorities and perceived health and environmental impacts

We recognize that organizations need to know where to invest their time and resources for the greatest impact. Understanding the food and nutrition topics that are most important to consumers and where they go for information on those topics can help increase ROI and accelerate health and wellness strategies.

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