Healthcare Professional Engagement Guide

The Four Things We’re Telling Our Clients Right Now

The recent White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health has enlivened conversations around how companies like yours have a part to play in improving health and nutrition across communities. Now is the moment to commit to health and nutrition part of your company strategy… but how?

In our experience, an impactful and credible way to amplify your health and nutrition commitments is through health professional engagement. Health professionals (HCPs), representing a multitude of specialties, disciplines,and work settings, are in a distinct position to translate the science around complicated topics for their consumer patient populations. And based on recent global research, consumers are looking to credible and trustworthy health professionals for this information.

However, reaching this key audience is nuanced, and often requires unique tactics that differ from consumer campaigns. So we’ve put together a shortlist of HCP engagement recommendations based on insights from our survey with HCPs across the US and UK, plus our years of experience in the business.

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