“No one is your enemy” and other things I learned in Geneva last week

Last week I joined nearly 30 public and private sector leaders from all over the world as the inaugural cohort of a very special course, Together for nutrition: public-private…

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We’re hiring an Account Lead in Europe. Apply to join our team!

We’re looking for a seasoned Europe-based Account Lead to join our team. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in food and nutrition communication and a proven track…

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We’re hiring an Account Manager in Europe. Apply to join our team!

Come join our team at Eat Well Global! We’re looking for an exceptional Europe-based Account Manager to join our team.

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Dubai International Food Safety Conference Brings Big Data to the Plate

Technology and food safety were the name of the game at the 11th Annual Dubai International Food Safety Conference, which took place November 19-21, 2017 at the World Trade Centre…

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Want people to eat more fruits and vegetables? Inspire them.

As a nutritionist, I love this statement. As a communicator, I couldn’t agree more.

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ICD 2016: How Dietitians Can Impact Sustainable Eating

What role can (and should) dietitians play in the sustainability dialogue? We went to Granada to find out!

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